Monday, November 10, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

I have decided this year that instead of chocolate in the Advent calendar my son and I will do Random Acts of Kindness. I have a few weeks to make the list, but I am thinking things like this:

  1. Leave Popcorn at the Redbox
  2. Buy coffee for the car behind us
  3. Tell a stranger they look fabulous
  4. Give a sack lunch to the homeless
  5. Leave flowers on someone windsheild
  6. Leave a dollar in the toy department at the dollar store
  7. donate clothes
  8. get a gift for Toys for Tots

I made this little tag to print out and leave with the RAK (when appropriate)

Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar Printable  #RAK #Advent #Kindness #Christmas #Printable
( If you would like to use this as well just click to make it full sized and download to your computer)

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