Monday, January 2, 2017

December 2016 In Review

  • Dec 3rd ~Jessica's 3rd Annual Family Photos

  • Dec 10th ~Santa Lucia Photo Shoot

  • Dec 14th ~Christmas Breakfast and Gingerbread House Contest @ work

  • Dec 16th ~Secret Santa Reveal and Pot Luck @ work
  • Dec 16th ~Drinks with Krista (Pictured, Postmodern Hardcore Twins...Krista and a random girl at James' friend's gig)

  • Dec 18th ~Viking Family Christmas and Gift Exchange

  • Dec 18th-22nd ~Pain attack brought on by Insurance and Med stress

  • Dec 22nd ~Cristian and Connor lunch/shopping, Mother Earth Shoot

  • Dec 24th ~Christmas Eve at home, snow, wrapping, movies and treats

  • Dec 25th ~Christmas with Family
  •  Dec 26th ~Friendsmas at the Taggart's

  • Dec 29th ~Girl's Night at Krista's with Photog Ladies
  • Dec 31st ~Safe and Sane New Year's Eve with Cristian, dinner at Goodwood, Connor to Zach Berg's

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 2016 In Review

Books Read:
  • Nov 8th ~Viking Family dinner at Krista's, Election Day
  • Nov 11th ~Thrifting and Dinner with Cristian, Connor and Coehn
  • Nov 12th ~Connor's Cello Recital at Cothedral of the Rockies

  • Nov 13th ~Dru's Senior Pictures Downtown

  • Nov 15th ~Dru's in studio Head Shots

  • Nov 19th ~Friendsgiving
  • Nov 20th ~Traveling Dress Shoot

  • Nov 21st ~New Tires and Alignment
  • Nov 23rd ~Drive to Cedaredge
  • Nov 24th ~Thanksgiving at Steve and Jani's (Terrible cold, wore a mask to keep Grandma from catching it)

  • Nov 25th ~Lunch with Aaron in GJ, Drive to Paradox, Dinner in Naturita, Stay at Paradox Valley B&B

  • Nov 26th ~Explore Paradox and Hope Springs, Lunch in Moab, Drive home, In n Out in SLC

  • Nov 29th ~Stef outdoor Head Shots

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 In Review

  • Oct 1st ~Homecoming pics for Haley & Bree, Dinner at El Gallo Giro w/ Cristian, Connor & Coehn 

  • Oct 4th ~Cristian Diagnosis -Spondyloarthritis, Family Dinner @ Krista's
  • Oct 6th ~Dinner @ Spice Indian Cuisine with Cristian

  • Oct 8th ~Lunch w/ Mom at Indian Spice, Midas Touch Shoot

  • Oct 9th ~Sean & Angela Family Session

  • Oct 11th ~Girl's Dinner @ Krista's
  • Oct 13th ~3 Year Anniversary, Dinner @ Tavern at Bown Crossing
  • Oct 15th ~Lunch w/ Connor, Coehn & Zack over for Gaming night
  • Oct 18th ~Family Night @ Krista's
  • Oct 20th ~Parent Teacher Conference, Connor is doing Great
  • Oct 22nd ~Stef Head Shots, Connor to STEM, Out for birthday drinks with Krista

  • Oct 29th ~Shopping & Lunch w/ Krista, Makeup for Costumes, Out to Balcony for Halloween
  • Oct 31st ~Halloween, Connor dressed as Beetlejuice, Coehn & Zack over for Trick or Treating

Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 2016 In Review

  • Sept 2nd-5th ~Vashon Island, WA
  • 2nd -Drive to Seattle, Ferry to Vashon
  • 3rd -Ferry to Seattle, Public Market, Lunch, Walk to Space Needle, Chihuly Glass, Dinner at AirBnB
  • 4th -Beach, Breakfast, Shopping, Beach, Lighthouse, Pizza in Vashon
  • 5th -Beach, Ferry to Seattle, Burgers, Drive Home
  • Sept 6th ~Connor's 1st Day at The Village for 8th Grade
  • Sept 7th ~Hang at Krista's with Krista and James
  • Sept 8th ~Family Dinner at Krista's -Thai Night
  • Sept 11th ~Lunch & Shopping with Krista, Make Shrimp Alfredo for din
  • Sept 13th ~Cristian's 1st Arthritis Appt
  • Sept 14th ~Family Dinner at Krista's
  • Sept 17th ~Dinner & Red Light show w/ Cristian, Krista, Leroy & Lael, then Drinks at the Balcony
  • Sept 18th ~Got my Hair Did, Movie @ Krista's w/ Krista & Derek
  • Sept 21st ~HAE Swell, Berinert worked
  • Sept 25th ~Returns, Shopping, Coffee with Krista
  • Sept 27th ~Family Night at Krista's

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016 In Review

  • Aug 2nd ~Girl's Night at Krista's with Stef
  • Aug 6th ~Cascade Trip, Rafting
  • Aug 9th ~Viking Family Dinner at Krista's
  • Aug 10th ~ Connor's new cooking song... "Now watch me flip, flip... now watch me saute."
  • Aug 11th 1am ~Drove past Marsing to watch Meteor Shower
  • Aug 12th ~Connor's 13th Birthday

  • Aug 13th ~Connor's Birthday Party at Roaring Springs and Chicago Connection
  • Aug 14th ~Clean Out Garage
  • Aug 15th ~Swell, Berinert worked
  • Aug 18th ~Leave for Forks trip, overnight at Emigrant Springs 
  • Aug 19th ~Drive to Forks, WA for photo retreat
  • Aug 20th-22nd ~Forks WA Retreat
  • Aug 23rd ~Dinner at El Gallo Giro with Connor and Cristian
  • Aug 24th ~Table Rock to help Mandy find shooting spot Dinner at Delsa's with Krista and families
  • Aug 26th-28th ~Cascade Trip, rafting, Connor and Ava practice driving
  • Aug 29th ~Hang with Krista and Stef by the fire pit
  • Aug 30th ~Family Dinner at Krista's
  • Aug 31st ~Meet the Teacher at Village Charter School

Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 In Review

Books Read:

  • July 1st-4th ~Cascade Trip
  • July 2nd ~Fireworks in Cascade
  • July 3rd ~Rafting Cabarton, Jumped off Howard's Plunge Rock
  • July 4th ~Drive Home, Fireworks in the driveway, Cinryze postponed for holiday
  • July 5th ~Swell (Due to med error?)
  • July 9th ~Studio Boise Opening and Gallery w/ Krista
  • July 10th ~Breakfast w/ Cristian, Thrifting, Mongo BBQ lunch and Mani-Pedis w/ the boys

  • July 11th ~Fever, Aches, Chills
  • July 13th ~Connor, Dad and Cristian at Hawks Game

  • July 14th ~Dinner at Fujiyama w/ Mom and Dad for Cristian's BDay
  • July 15th ~Cristian's 41st Birthday
  • July 15th-17th ~Cascade Trip -Rafting, Taco Night, Firewood, Cuttin Down Trees
  • July 18th ~Viking Fam dinner at Krista's
  • July 19th ~Lunch and Shopping with Connor, Hang with Sara
  • July 23rd ~Connor's Cello Recital for Summer Strings

  • July 24th ~Breakfast with Cristian and Connor, then Adventure with Connor at Black's Creek Bird Reserve, Bonneville Point. Connor's first time driving the car

  • July 25th-28th ~Summer School, Continuing Ed for work
  • July 29th-Aug 31st ~PAIN :(

Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016 In Review

Books Read:
  •  June 4th ~Traveling Dress Gallery
  • June 4th ~BoHo Boudoir with Daisy
  • June 9th ~Started Cinryze IVs every Monday and Thursday, Dinner with Krista at Kona Grill
  • June 11th ~Lunch with Connor
  • June 11th-13th ~Horrible Cold! UGH
  • June 15th ~Red Feather and Balcony with Krista
  • June 16th ~Connor's Last Day at Sage International
  • June 18th-20th ~Cascade trip to clear space for Pop-Up Tent Trailer and RV
  • June 24th-26th ~Cascade Trip (brought Coehn)
  • June 25th ~Rafted Cabarton

  • June 28th ~Dinner at Krista's with Viking Fam