Friday, September 1, 2017

August 2017 In Review

  • August 1st-10th -Clean, Pack and Paint house

  • Aug 11th -Dr Howell/Birthday Party @ Roaring Springs w/ Zack, Patrick, Coehn & Doug, Boys overnight, played Soda Game
  • Aug 12th -Connor's 14th Birthday, Played Soccor Golf w/ Patrick

  •  Aug 13th -Shop for road trip, clean/stage house
  • Aug 14th -Birthday Dinner @ Tucanos w/ Anja and Angus
  • Aug 15th Drive to Lewistown, MT

  • Aug 16th -Memorial Mass for Grandma, Dinner with Laura & Carl and Michele and Kids
  • Aug 17th Drive from Lewistown, MT to Cedaredge, CO

  • Connor back to Boise w/ Anja & Angus

  • Aug 18th-20th -Sort & Pack Grandma's Things, Dinner @ Steakhouse and Wake w/ Whiskey from Ireland Trip, Drive from Cedaredge, CO to Boise, ID

  • Aug 21st -Solar Eclips (98% Complete in Boise)

  • Aug 22nd -Review offers on house, accept one, Moving Truck
  • Aug 23rd -Drive from Boise to Lincoln City
  • Aug 23rd -Look at Houses in Lincoln City, Register Connor for Taft High, Beach, Make Offer on House
  • Aug 25th -Test for Police Dept Job, Drive from Lincoln City to Boise

  • Aug 26th-27th -Cascade, Rafting, BBQ

  • Aug 28th -Connor gets Braces off

  • Aug 30th -Lunch @ Tin Roof Taco w/ Erica, Dinner @ Kyoto & FroYo w/ Dad and Perry
  • Aug 31st -Photo Family & Pirates Family Goodbye Dinner

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017 In Review

  • July 1st  -Moving Truck @ Mom & Dad's
  • July 2nd  -Clean out Mom & Dad's House
  • July 4th  -BBQ and Fireworks w/ Mom, Dad, Zack and Dez

  • July 6th-7th  -To Oregon w/ Connor, Overnight in Bend then to Lincoln City

  • July 7th-10th -Pirates Retreat

  • July 12th -Pops in town to help w/ Zach's concrete, Pizza at home
  • July 13th -Perry, JR and Juan repair Pop Up

  • July 14th-16th Cascade Trip, Rafting with everyone plus Krista & Stephanie (+kids)

  • July 18th -Sushi & FroYo w/ Perry & Connor, Pool Party @ Krista's

  • July 19th -Grandma Evie Passed in the night

  • July 20th -Dinner @ Anja's w/ Dad
  • July 21st -Last Day @ the Assessors Office

  • July 26th-28th -Turnaround trip to Lincoln City to look at a house, bring Mom back to Boise

  • July 29th -"Made an offer on a house today, packed boxes, touched up paint, hung with my mom, did some errands, sold some excess things that were hanging around, did all the dishes, did 237 loads of laundry"

Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 2017 In Review

  • June 3rd -Traveling Dress Show
  • June 5th-7th -SICK
  • June 8th -8th Grade Graduation, Dinner @ Kyoto's w/ Mom, Dad, Anja and Angus
  • June 9th -No Voice
  • June 15th -Pirates of the Caribbean w/ Connor
  • June 19th -High Fashion Boudoir Group Shoot w/ Krista, Nichole, Stephanie and Jennifer Whittig
  • June 23rd-25th -Cascade Trip
  • June 28th-29th -Connor to Dart Warz w/ friends

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017 In Review

  • May 2nd - Thai Tuesday Family Dinner @ Krista's
  • May 5th - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with Connor
  • May 6th - Doug Sleep Over with Connor
  • May 11th - FroYo w/ Perry & Connor
  • May 12th - Breakfast w/ Perry, Yard Sale @ Mom and Dad's, Kyoto w/ Perry
  • May 13th - Yard Sale @ Mom and Dad's, Lunch @ Red Lobster w/ Connor & Perry, Connor to Doug's, Hang w/ Perry @ Juan's
  • May 14th - Mom's Day Takeout, Hang w/ Perry @ Juan's
  • May 16th - Pedicure w/ Erica and Lunch w/ Perry
  • May 16th-19th - SWELL
  • May 20th - Hair 
  • May 24th - Poker @ Construction Zone
  • May 26th - Wine Night with Krista & Stephanie
  • May 27th - Dru's HS Graduation
  • May 30th - Lunch w/ Perry @ Denny's, Juan & Perry work on Pop Up Trailer, Beer on the Deck w/ Perry, Juan and Dad
  • May 31st - FroYo & Dinner w/ Connor & Perry, Help Perry organize trailer

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017 In Review

  • April 4th - Divorce Final
  • April 8th - MS Walk with Connor, Steph and Coehn, Family Day at the Taggarts + Coehn and Perry
  • April 9th -Lunch at Eddie's with Perry
  • April 14th - Connor to Patrick's Birthday Party
  • April 15th, Connor at Indoor Soccer w/ Patrick, Breakfast w/ Perry at Construction Zone

  • April 16th - Breakfast @ Eddie's w/ Perry, Easter Dinner @ Erica's Dad's house
  • April 22nd - Poker @ Construction Zone

  • April 23rd-25th - SWELL
  • April 26th - Construction Zone to meet Tammy re: LipSense
  • April 27th - 41st Birthday, Breakfast w/Perry, Pad Thai Take Out at Mom and Dad's w/ Perry
  • April 28th - Red Light Variety Show and Balcony w/ Unique, Krista and Jena, Long talk with Unique about marriage

  • April 29th - Boudoir Shoot with BGlam, Unique MUAH
  • April 30th - Construction Zone for Poker and LipSense

Saturday, April 1, 2017

March 2017 In Review

  • March 4th ~Rock & Gem Show and Lunch w/ Connor, Skyla's BDay Party @ Heather's
  • March 5th ~Asked Cristian for Divorce
  • March 7th ~Family Dinner @ Krista's
  • March 8th ~Filed Divorce Papers, Wine and Chat w/ Krista
  • March 9th ~Told Connor about Divorce
  • March 11th ~Balcony & Pengilly's with Krista & Nicole
  • March 12th ~Learn to ride motorcycle
  • March 14th ~Small SWELL, Erica came to hang out for the afternoon
  • March 16th ~Jazmine Signed Up for LipSense
  • March 17th ~Hang w/ Erica & JR after counseling
  • March 19th ~Lunch w/ Brandi re: Boudoir Shoot, Assist Krista w/ Male Nude Shoot
  • March 22nd ~New Glasses

  • March 24th ~Dinner @ PF Chang's and Drinks @ The Balcony w/ Krista & Nicole
  • March 25th ~Frida Wedding Workshop, Cristian Moved Out

  • March 26th ~Lunch w/ Heather Marrs, Krista & Nicole re: Heather signing
  • March 27th-April 6th ~Connor's Spring Break
  • March 31st ~Lori's Lips & Sips Party