Thursday, July 27, 2006


A very good friend of mine, who can crack me up like no other, has been talking about so many butt related things lately I finally broke down and tryed a Butt Card like I have been seeing.
I wish I could see her face when she opens this....*hee hee*

TAC Patterned Paper Fruiti Fusion, SU Blush Blossom Paper, SU Shades of Nature butterfly for tattoo


  1. Gee, I WONDER who this is going to??
    Too funny!!
    I'm sure she'll love it!!

    Should have had a monkey tattoo!! ;)
    Hee hee! Monkey butt!

  2. Cute card! Get it . . . "crack me up" . . . get it? What stamp set is this? SU? I hope your friend likes her butt card! I think I'll make one too!

  3. FUNNY!
    I especially love the tattoo!

  4. Love it, and the tattoo, how cute!

  5. This is soooo cute!!! I love your sponged butt! :D


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