Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vintage Violet Obession

A simple conversation is all it takes to make me Fixate on something. My friends and I were discussing Stampin' Up's Vintage Violet, so I took mine out (my last 2 sheets) and made a few Christmas cards with my new Snowflakes set. (A BIG THANKS to Stacy for the set!!!!)

This is for the SCS Sketch Challenge #97 and uses Vintage Violet,
Bordering Blue and White Paper, Vintage Violet and Bordering
Blue ink and a scrap of Printed Paper. I also added a touch of
Stardust Stickles and a little sticky jewel to the snowflakes.

This one is Vintage Violet and True Thyme paper and ink.
Again with Stickles and jewels...I can't get enough sparkle :)


  1. These are beautiful cards! I love the Violet - so rich looking.
    I'm trying to decide which set to get (between Snowflakes and Snowflake Spot). I love what you've done with this set here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tracy DurcanNovember 13, 2006

    Sooo pretty! I really like the Vintage Violet with Bordering Blue, gorgeous :)

  3. So pretty. I stumbled onto your blog from SCS because your profile said you ive in Boise...something we have in common!



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