Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. -John Quincy Adams (a distant relative of mine! :D )

OK, if you Ever hear me say "Wouldn't it be cool to cover a _______ with a bunch of little pieces of paper?" SLAP ME!!!!

I saw a blog post (if you can link me to it I would appreciate it, lost it now) with a patchwork pumpkin and I just Knew I could do one, so I looked around for a pumpkin...and being the cheap Frugal Scot that I am I decided to go for the one that was 40% off...well, for 40% off you get one that is Very detailed, the ridges and valleys are Very defined, so...2 1/2 hours and half a bottle of Decoupage Gel later I had it covered, left it over night hanging by some ribbon to dry all over, sanded, sponged and distressed...Here it is:


  1. I LOVE IT! Nice job!

  2. Oh how pretty!!!! Gosh I saw that on another blog too and now I have no clue where it was.

  3. GORGEOUS!!! Wow!!!

    Miss ya too!!! :)

  4. hey there, just looking back at a few posts i missed and saw this. i know it's a little late, but i think you may have seen it on trucarma's blog (mothers little helper, by carole burrage) or genie1314's blog (iheart2stamp, by jen del muro). carole sent the pumpkin to her as a gift! i saw it in person and it's greatness, and i bet your's is stunning as well!! ttfn!


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