Sunday, December 16, 2007

Step by Step...

I have had lots of interest in the 7 Gypsies Naked Bracelets, not only questions, comments...but also Orders!!! WOO HOO, gotta love that!

SOOOO..... I thought I would give a quick step-by-step on how I put them together.

(IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A 5/8" PUNCH.....Just stick the sticker over the paper you want to use and cut around it!!!)

7 Gypsies Naked Bracelet Kit
5/8" Circle Punch
Glue (needs to bond paper to metal)
Jewelry Pliers (Or...the ones out of your MM Tool Kit :D)
Fun paper with small details

1: Punch out 6-8 circles from Designer Paper (Or print off small pictures of your kids...pets...Whatever!) I needed 6 charm links for my wrist, which is 6 3/4" around, the kit comes with 8.

2) Glue the paper circles to the charms

3) Place the clear epoxy stickers over the paper (I used the rubber covered ends of my pliers to press down around the edges to removing any air pockets)

3) join 2 charms with a link making sure the open side is toward the back

4) Squeeze both sides of the link towards the middle, I find it easiest to go about halfway, then squeeze them both at the same time to fully close will get a rhythm going very quickly

5) When you get all 6-8 charms joined add the large round link to one end and join the clasp and small jump ring together, then attach the jump ring to the opposite end from the large ring...

6) Put bracelet on and be prepared for Lots of OOOos and AAAAhhs, People can not get over the fact that you Made These!!!!

Here are a few more I did this weekend for Christmas Gifts:


  1. Girl you know you are going to be sold out of these now. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!!!

  2. Oh, I love 7 gypsies and this bracelet is gorgeous!

  3. Those are awesome!
    Thank for Sharing.


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