Sunday, January 6, 2008

One Word...

As I'm sure you have all seen, Ali Edwards has asked people what there Word would be for 2008. I NEED for my word to be RELAX...2007 has been Full of stress, tension and a tight grip on the budget, time and sanity. I will still have Real Estate, 40 hr work week, 4 year old and my new Store to deal with in 2008, but I am challenging myself go a little. To relax my death grip on sanity and to let it all out more often. The relax my need to stay in control and just let things happen and maybe most importantly to relax my need to be let myself fall apart every so often, to cry, scream....whatever! So...what is Your Word???

Main Entry:
1: to make less tense or rigid : slacken
2: to make less severe or stringent : modify
3: to relieve from nervous tension


  1. Peace

    I was 18 when I married, 20 when I had my son, 21 when I divorced. I put myself through ug and grad school and remarried when my son graduated from high school. He is now married himself and they are buying their first home together.

    It was a struggle, to be sure, but I came up with a mantra of sorts that helped me. Having your hands full is great when you love what is in your hands. I loved what I was doing and have a positive attitude, so the struggles seemed more like minor inconveniences most of the time.

    I have a more relaxed life now, almost as if it is a reward for all I did along the way. Have fun. Don't forget to laugh. Spend most of your "free" time playing with your son and you'll be able to look back on these times with fondness.


  2. That is wonderful! I did that too at your age and even though I relaxed I still kept up my career raised two wonderful kids house wasn't immaculate, our meals weren't rounded and my crafting took a backseat. But we had fun and looking back I wouldn't change a thing. This year's word?'ve got me motivated to work on that. I'll get back to you.


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