Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hello, Gorgeous...

A Book Review:

Hello, Gorgeous (The Gorgeous Series, Book 1) by Mary Janice Davidson

I borrowed this book from a friend Months ago and finally go to it...

It is a LIGHT comic, fast read. I chuckled a few times and was Reasonably coureous to know "Who Dun It." Not the deep dark mind twists of a Jeffery Deaver novel, but I wasn't expecting it, so was not disappointed.

I give it 3 of 5 does what you expect it to do.
I quick synopsis by Diana Tixier Herald:

Caitlyn James, an orphaned Minneapolis hair stylist, wakes up nine days after dying in a Florida car wreck. Seemingly the perfect specimen for a secret government experiment code-named Wagner, she has been turned into the "Bionic Woman." Nanotechnology drives her new superhuman powers, and now the government, in the form of a little toad of a man called "the Boss," claims she owes them. She agrees to fulfill one mission and one mission only. So they send her to "neutralize" a computer hacker who has created a virus that fills every computer it infects with pornography. Discovering that her target is a zit-ridden adolescent, she decides not to assassinate him after he promises to stop if she helps him lose his virginity. She then signs up for more adventures when the Wagner team comes under the assault of a rogue agent known as "the Wolf." Davidson's over-the-top humor and raunchily funny sex scenes will delight her fast-growing cadre of fans, while Janet Evanovich fans will also enjoy Davidson's rough-talking heroine.

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  1. I love cozy mysteries. They make excellent summer reads!!


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