Monday, August 25, 2008

Stories of Connor: First Day of School...

So, today was the First Day of many First Days of school....but it was also...THE First Day! I'm not sure if Connor was excited or freaked out! I think a little of both. He helped pick out his clothes last night...and tried adding Lots of stuff to his backpack, but I could tell he was nervous.

He is in the afternoon 1/2 day class, so he will go to Daycare, then catch a bus from there. The bus also drops him back at daycare. Today I dropped him off and went to work, then went to the school to meet his bus. I wanted to make sure he started on the bus.

He did So good on the bus, he really liked that he didn't have to "buckle up"

I was able to stand with him in line as the teacher verified how the kids where getting home, then it was time to...Let Go! I've been doing a lot of that lately!

This is the first picture we tried this morning for the "First Annual First Day of School Picture," but the sun was Way too we went around to the back door for one that worked.

Here he is waiting in line in the sun. Not sure if he is just HOT or Scared...but can you resist this face????

More to come!!! He has a few stories I may be documenting soon!!!


  1. So many memories of those FIRST days. I will never forget sitting on the front porch waiting for him to get home from Kindergarten. There was this HUGE bus and one Little Tiny head sticking above the window sill. And of course, Chris was following the bus... lol. Congrats on letting go and Congrats to the boy-o.

  2. Sooo precious! I look forward to reading Connor's stories!

  3. He's such a handsome boy! And growing up so fast. Don't worry about "letting go" - he'll still come running to you when he needs you. And he'll always need you! :)

  4. He has grown up so much! Going to be a lady killer. He belongs at the beach riding a surf board with all the honeys!

  5. Hey Connor....
    What a grown up little boy you are....The first day of school-how exciting...lots & lots of new friends. You're going to love it. You are growing up to be a nice little man. You make your mommy so proud of you. I work with your mommy and she talks all the time about how special you are.

  6. How big is he getting! Too fast I imagin for mom. But he is too cute. Hope his first day is a great one! Hope to see you guys soon.
    Love Michele

  7. Awww... he's such a sweetie!! Grandson Griffin starts K this week, too. He is also losing the baby face and looking very grownup. Next thing you know they'll be driving, and before much longer getting married. Just kidding, Rachel!!! He'll be your baby boy for a while longer..

  8. awww, love your pics! it's funny, i have a Conor (yes, only one "N"), but he's 11. my 5 y.o. who also just started Kindergarten is Braden and he likes school, but almost every morning gets upset when i wake him. he says he'll miss me when he's at school ~ awwww!! breaks my heart, but he always comes home saying he had a good day. i'll be glad when he's used to the routine!


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