Monday, August 18, 2008

Stories of Connor: Look Ma, Two Wheels!

Connor decided a few months ago that when he turned 5 he was going to ride his bike without the training wheels. I mentally prepared myself and then physically prepared him by buying a set of Elbow and Knee Pads along with a pair of gloves. Last night at around 7:30 pm he brought his bundle of safety equipment and asked sweetly if he could ride without the training wheels. Well, how can a Mommy resist???

So, we found the wrench, removed the wheels, donned safety gear and then...there was no more reason to put it off. It was time! I led him and his bike to the front and explained the footing...held onto the back of the seat so he could get balanced...and then, I did it! I LET GO!!!

And off he went! Slicker than, well...snot, he was off, down the driveway all hundred miles...errrr, 20 feet? of it.

At the end he looked back and saw me in the same spot I started in and the look on his little face! Perfect! Classic! He was so shocked and proud.

We ended up riding up to the end of the cul de sac to the church parking lot to practice turns.

He rode hard for a good 1/2 an hour before he was too hot and sweaty to continue.
We sat in the grass and cooled off for awhile, then headed home.


  1. Well, you know how I feel. Great pics, great mom, great kids and what a great sis to suggest the blog ;-}

  2. Connor - way to go!!! You look like an expert on your bike! -Granpa

  3. Connor, you look so cool on your two wheeler!!! And when did you lose your two front teeth??

    Rachel - very nice blog. You are a cool Mom!!

    Hugs, Elsie

  4. Look at that face! Such excitement! What an awesome accomplishment for your little guy! Way to go, Connor!!!


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