Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to get 22,000+ Comments...

By Being MARTHA STEWART, that's how!!! The Queen of Crafty, the Princess of Party Herself has a blog...and she is taking comments and blog links and will choose some lucky bloggers to be featured on her Blog!!!

Go here and leave her a comment...I was comment #22,411!!!! WOW!

Now...on to a quick project I put together for my Grandma...she loves to write notes, Hellos, Thanks Yous, you name it, she sends it. I think it is Wonderful!

I made this simple, elegant set of monogrammed cards on Fabriano stationary for her and I plan to make a fun box or wrap for it to spruce it up for a Christmas gift...stay tuned for that soon...

This project was SO easy because of the JustRite Rectangle Monogram Stamper...I made the envelopes with her full Monogram and the cards with just the last initial...Classic!

Stamps: Rectangle Monogram Stamper
Paper: Fabriano Stationary
Ink: Black ink included with Stamper

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What pretty stationery. I am sure your grandma will love it! And OMG on 22,000+ comments! I am happy if I have 3! LOL!

  2. So pretty Rachel!!!
    LOSTie Debbie

  3. Wow on Martha's comments! Crazy! I'm picturing her sitting there reading each and every one...LOL!

    Pretty cards, and I love how you did the envelopes too...your grandma will love them.

  4. that's crazy!!! maybe someday we'll have more than her...LOL!

    love your cards


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