Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stories of Connor: Junk all day?

Connor LOVES kinder, he loves the bus, he loves his teacher...all is good in the 'hood!

As a matter of fact, here is a real conversation from the ride home last week:

: Mommy, I Love Kindergarten! I want to go to Kindergarten Always!

: I know, honey, but Mommy has to work longer than you go to Big Boy School, so you need to go to Daycare for the rest of the day.

: No Mommy, I want to be in Kindergarten Always!

Oh! Do you mean you don't want to go to First Grade?

: Yep, I'm not going to grow up.

Pause for a 30 second brainstorm


wait for it......

Connor: I can eat Junk ALL day and then I will never get big!

Can you just picture the look on his face? The triumph and awe at his own genius????

I tell you, logic in a 5 year old is DANGEROUS BUSINESS!

By the way...my response?

"Well, if you eat Junk all day you will still get Older, you will just be sick and skinny."

What is a Mom to do?

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  1. You tell him that I am living proof that eating junk all day DOES make you get BIG!


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