Friday, November 28, 2008

Stories of Connor: Book

This afternoon after watching "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" at the local cinema we discovered a Wonderful Bookstore. They deal in New and Used books and a variety of local candles, candy and trinkets. Great place!

While we were there Connor's "Auntie Anja" saw some Wonderful little hard bound books that had a black and white line drawing cover and Blank pages!! She picked one up for both the boys. Connor got the Dinosaur one and Angus got the candy one. As soon as we got to Grandma's house they both began their stories. :)

I have included pictures of the partially finished novel titled "Connor's Book" created by Connor... (as well as a translation for those of you that do not read 5 year old very well. ;)

Connor’s Book -created by Connor, Nov 2008

Once upon a time a dinosaur ate candy all day long
He got a stomach ache
ow ow ow ow, growl growl.

Hi, are you sick?
I know what can help you
Feed you medicine

I feel great

Well, Bye

The End

Once upon a time a ghost see’d a haunted house
He went in, he saw a spooky witch
She had her magic wand
she zap her magic wand and turned the ghost into a frog.

The End

A Ivy saw a person.
The Ivy hurt the person.
The person went to the doctor.

The End

A Flower started blooming, it was Spring. It was Warm

The End


  1. I think you have a budding author there! That's so wonderful to promote his imagination and creativity. Cute, cute little stories. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Maggie

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!! He is sooo cute! And WOW! What a great writer! I love invented spelling! He is so smart! That is not typical 5 year old writing!

    - Amanda

  3. Those are great stories!!!! Watch out Dr. Suess.

  4. Oh my gosh! What an imagination! I love it!!

  5. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what I think about! It's been a while since I read 5 yr. old. So cute. Keep buying the books :D

  6. What a great story! Connor is quite an author. I need to get some of those books for my boys.


  7. What a treasure! He's such a creative kid. I love the ow ow ow ow growl growl! :)

    - Suzanne

  8. Wow! As his kindergarten teacher I am again amazed at his writing and reading! Connor is a star. Thank you for sharing him with me.


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