Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cupcake Inspiration Top 5 #26...

WOW, you girls LOVE Fall, don't you??? I was so happy to see all of your beautiful Fall Creations!!! I love FALL! :) This week's Top 5 are all were all of the beautiful creations!

As always click on the thumbnails to be taken to the original post...

I hope you all will proudly display the Top 5 Blinkie found on the left sidebar!
Thanks for playing!!!


  1. I enjoy your challenge so much, Rachel! Thank you sso much for the Top 5!!!

  2. Really? You're too sweet, thanks. I still haven't gotten to check out all the entries from this past week yet!!

    Gorgeous new challenge!

  3. wow, thank you again, Rachel...I did not know I had a blinkie coming to me...hehehe...I will display with cupcake honor...hehehe

    enjoy *~*

  4. Thank you for choosing my card! I'm so excited! How fun! I love the next challenge too!

    Thank you!!


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