Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tammi's Halloween Card Kit...

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. -George Carlin
Happy Halloween!!! Hope everyone is having a Super Spooky Day!!!

Today marks the end of the Halloween Card Kits, this one is from Tammi...Super cute, although I had a hard time coloring the cat, I can never get an orange tabby to look right, so he doesn match the paper, but you know what...I like it anyway :)

The paper is Eerie by Basic Grey again...I think we were all thinking on the same wavelength! 3 out of 5 kits had Eerie paper! :) I added lots of Stickles and a few Black (colored with Copics) half back pearls as well as a Spider Web edge (thanks Tammi!)

Have a Wonderful, Safe Holiday and don't eat Too much candy! ;)


  1. He's adorable, and darn, I was planning on eating Way too much candy!

  2. Super cute, love how you've been doing the sky lately! Love the tilt too - looks like they are jetting away! Happy Halloween.

  3. WOW another fantastic sky Rachel! I need to give this a try! Thank you for being a part of the card kit swap!

  4. You're sending this to me, right? ;)

  5. Love it. You're sending this to me, right? ;)

  6. Too late ....I've already eaten to much candy! - We barely had 30 kids by and I bought a TON of candy.

    Very cute card. I love the image and of course that spider web punch.

  7. Love the colors on him and your coloring, looks fantastic! Super cute Rachel!


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