Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rose Hip in Fall...

Sorry, no card today, but I wanted to show you a recent picture I took a the local Nature Center. I was playing around with the "Bokeh" background (the blurry look in the distance.) This Rose Hip is a bold bright sign of Fall to me and I loved the way it turned out! I added a soft distressed edge overlay that I picked up *somewhere*

I added this pic to my OpenScrapbook gallery and used it for the Autumn Splendor challenge. If you love photography and digital scrapbooking you should check out OpenScrapbook, it is a wonderful site with LOTS of fun stuff and Tons of tutorials and tricks!!!


  1. Beautiful shot! I like the overlay that you added.

  2. This is just so pretty Rachel! You did a great job with bokeh! Don't you just love it? Beware though, it is addicting!

    Thanks for playing in our challenge! We're so happy to have you! :)

    ♥ Michelle

  3. It's beautiful Rachel!

  4. Great pic Sis! Thanks for the link to the site. I'm going to check it out!

  5. Great pic for the challenge. Love the bokeh!


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