Friday, June 4, 2010

Stories of Connor: End of School Awards

I have more pics from this year to post, but I'm sitting at my work for now I'm posting what I have on my online photo albums.

Connor had an Amazing First Grade year...his teacher, Mrs Wiefels was amazing. He is going to Pierce Park Elementary in a special Classical Education Program...if your child is advanced in English, writing skills and logic (GATE qualified or close to) I HIGHLY recommend Classical Education! (Find info here)

Connor was chosen for a "Character Breakfast" for Friendship this year, performed in 2 musical programs, 3 Reader's Theatres and learned some amazing things. His handwriting, spelling, math, etc have all improved and he has a real thirst for knowledge that warms my heart.

He was chosen to recieve a Reading Award on the last day of school...i was unable to attend due to my work schedule, but Grandma and Uncie Zach were there to share his day!

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