Saturday, September 25, 2010

Music Feeds my Soul...

I went to a concert this summer with a friend and one of the opening acts was Like A Storm. I hadn't ever heard of them, but when they came on stage playing a Digideroo I knew it was going to be good. :) They are young, cute and have accents...AND they play some really good music! I thought I would share a song with you today for Marcea's Music Feeds My Soul Saturday.

(The video is a little off the beaten path for some, but if it bothers you just's an awesome song!)


  1. great song. Hey - did you draw that cute image? I love it!

  2. Never heard of them, and they came here? Different! I liked the "slower" parts, lol. ;)

  3. Song choice not my cup of tea but my daughter loved it, does that mean I'm getting old :(,

  4. Well ..... this woke me up hahahahaha. Great song and music. I love hearing all the different genres!
    Thanks for playing along, I am so glad you did

  5. Wow does he have dreamy eyes or WHAT?!?!? LOVED the song! I'll have to youtube them for more!


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