Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 In Review

Books Read:     None :( But I watched all 4 seasons of Walking Dead!
  • Sept 1st ~Last day cleanup, ride ATVs and drive home from Cascade
  • Sept 2nd ~Snow White Shoot with Skyla
  • Sept 2nd Angus' 13th Birthday
  • Sept 3rd ~A little gift from Cristian
  •  Sept 4th-9th ~PAIN :( So bad

  • Sept 10th ~Orientation at Boys and Girls Club for Connor after school
  • Rumors of Northern Lights, photo trip to Horseshoe Bend (no lights) 
  • Sept 13th ~Jackson and Crystal Bricker's 1 Year Anniversary BBQ
  • Sept 16th ~Good Hair Day Selfie
  • Sept 16th ~Bride of Frankenstein shoot with Heather
  •  Sept 19th ~Beers at Woodland Empire after work for Greg's last day
  •  Sept 20th ~Zipling!!! Bucket List!
  •  Sept 20th Post Zipline Noshing in Horseshoe Bend with Leroy, Angela, Shawn and Shawna
  • Sept 21st-24th ~PAIN AGAIN...tried Berinert Home Infusion IV (seemed to help a bit)
  • Sept 24th ~Excel Test for CWI
  • Sept 25th ~Hot Air Balloon over Connor's school
  •  Sept 25th ~Grove Hotel Project shoot with Gio
  •  Sept 27th ~Took Connor and Cohen to the Aquarium
  • Sept 27th ~Date night...Red Light Variety Show, The 44 Club and Twin Dragon 
  • Sept 29th ~"Just had 3 moles shaved off my body...and by shaved I mean cut out with a scalpel...and the local anesthetic is now wearing off. feeling Ouchy."
  • Sept 30th ~Erica's Surgery

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