Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 2014 In Review

  • Oct 2nd-3rd ~No School for Connor
  • Oct 4th ~Jason's 40th Birthday Party @ The 44 Club

  • Oct 5th ~Apples to Apples Orchard Shoot with the Potato Pinups 
  • Oct 10th ~Sugar Skull Shoot with Brie/Mom and Heather
  • Oct 13th ~Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!
  • Oct 16th ~Leah Sugar Skull
  • Oct 17th-20th PAIN...Again! :(
  •  Oct 25th ~Tattoo, New Glasses, Sugar Skull, Rocky Horror Freak Show 
  • Oct 26th ~Amy and Jacque Sugar Skull 
  • Oct 28th ~Crafty Nights at Unique to get ready for the show!
  • Oct 29th ~Parent Teacher Conference...Connor got Straight A's for 1st Quarter!!!
  • Oct 30th ~Pre-setup for show
  • Oct 31st ~ Potluck at Work            

~Makeup by Monsters & Mascara, Hair by Sara Murray
                                ~KTVB7 4 o'clock News with Lana for makeup

                      ~Connor Trick or Treating with Cohen

                       ~Samhain Spirit Show at Liquid in BoDo


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