Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014 In Review

  • Nov 1st ~Samhain Spirit Show at Liquid in BoDo
  • Nov 4th ~I Voted!!! It didn't help, but I did it anyway!
  •  Nov 6th ~First Thursday Show at Solid in BoDo
  •  November 8th ~Senior Photos with McKyle
  •  November 9th ~Sugar Skull with Angela Mae
  •  November 14th ~Snow Day!

  •  November 22th ~Sugar Skull with Amber
  •  November 24th ~Sugar Skull with Kassie

  • November 26th ~Welcome Home Midnight!
  •  November 27th ~Thanksgiving!

  • November 30th ~Friendsgiving and Dapper Doyle Burlesque


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