Saturday, June 6, 2015

Free Editable Budget Printable ~Planner

Having trouble remembering when your bills are due? Want a visual on when you get paid and when things are due? Today I am sharing how I have kept on track this year. This easy to use budget is designed to print and add to your planner (A5, half sheet size)

I have made a general, editable excel spreadsheet, available HERE. What I do is add the amount of each bill, create a thick line on payday and then add a border around the day each bill is due. If it is automatically taken out of my account I add a diagonal line through the box. (you can see that there are 2 different colors used in the example below, each color represents a different bank account.) After I have the next month's budget scheduled and set up I print it and add it to my planner, then as each bill is paid and clears my account I fill in the box.

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