Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 2015 In Review

Books Read:
  •  July 2nd ~PAIN (Berinert IV worked)
  • July 3rd-5th ~Warm Lake cabin with Connor, JR, Erica, Ava, Haley, Dru, Jaxon, Brennan
  • July 4th ~Boating at Warm Lake & Cascade Lake Fireworks Show
  • July 5th ~Boating and drive home from Warm lake
  • July 6th ~Appeal Hearing for work
  • July 7th-11th ~PAIN (IV did not work)
  • July 10th ~Published in Surreal Beauty "Hourglass Angels" and "Beating Heart" issues
  • July 15th ~Cristian's 40th Birthday (Dinner at Fujiyama with Mom and Dad)
  • July 17th ~Fuckin Aaron up from GJ, CO
  •  July 18th ~Emmett Car Show (First car show for Zach's Rat Rod)

  • July 18th ~44 Club for Cristian's Birthday

  • Published in Surreal Beauty "Scarlet Whispers" issue (Model: Skyla Dawn)

  • July 26th ~Jump Creek with Connor, Skyla, Shawn & Amelia

  • July 29th ~Nicolette "Abandoned Fashion" Shoot and Evie "Alex Grey" shoot
  • July 31st ~Sushi Friday with Erica for lunch

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