Saturday, April 1, 2017

March 2017 In Review

  • March 4th ~Rock & Gem Show and Lunch w/ Connor, Skyla's BDay Party @ Heather's
  • March 5th ~Asked Cristian for Divorce
  • March 7th ~Family Dinner @ Krista's
  • March 8th ~Filed Divorce Papers, Wine and Chat w/ Krista
  • March 9th ~Told Connor about Divorce
  • March 11th ~Balcony & Pengilly's with Krista & Nicole
  • March 12th ~Learn to ride motorcycle
  • March 14th ~Small SWELL, Erica came to hang out for the afternoon
  • March 16th ~Jazmine Signed Up for LipSense
  • March 17th ~Hang w/ Erica & JR after counseling
  • March 19th ~Lunch w/ Brandi re: Boudoir Shoot, Assist Krista w/ Male Nude Shoot
  • March 22nd ~New Glasses

  • March 24th ~Dinner @ PF Chang's and Drinks @ The Balcony w/ Krista & Nicole
  • March 25th ~Frida Wedding Workshop, Cristian Moved Out

  • March 26th ~Lunch w/ Heather Marrs, Krista & Nicole re: Heather signing
  • March 27th-April 6th ~Connor's Spring Break
  • March 31st ~Lori's Lips & Sips Party

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