Saturday, November 4, 2006

Creative Block

I have been Very busy and overwhelmed with work lately and feel like I have been neglecting my son, my friends and my stamps.

I have A LOT of projects coming up and some are already overdue, plus I am trying to make something publication-worthy.

I have a swap that was due 3 days ago, I forgot how many I need to make, but it is with TAC stamps or papers, and I am having a Very hard time coming up with an idea, and there is nowhere to go pnline to look for TAC samples by set....

Here is one I made a while ago using the TAC Fanciful Flowers set....but the Background Paper is Basic Grey, and I don't have enough to make more...


  1. I love everything about this card, it's gorgeous!

  2. That card is great!
    Um...MY cards are late, too! I had the dumb things done EARLY, too.

    Oh, I don't feel neglected! ;)

  3. michelleranaeNovember 06, 2006

    Rachel, this is gorgeous!!! I love everything about it!

  4. I love this, Rach! Oh, and don't worry about the swap being late! :)


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