Saturday, December 2, 2006

Wild about Snow...

I haven't played with the penguins yet in my Wild About You set, so I decided to break them out today. I used Black Stickles on their bodies and Crystal Effects on their little tummies. I cut them out and just resatamped the feet on the oval punch outs (I was Not going to cut around their feet!)
there is Stardust Stickles on the snowflakes, as well as around the edges of the "ice." I smeared the "Let it Snow" while I was finishing it, so I covered it with the word window punch...added the little jewel for some sparkle.

This card was all done with my new UHU Adhesives, I used both the "Scrapbookers Pen" and the "Twist and Glue." Both hold paper well, without making it bubble. With all these heavy Cardstock layers it doesn't bend now that it has dried...the only complaint I have about either of the applicators is the tendency to get little glue threads, they are not too bad to deal with, though, so I would give the product an overall A. Once you get used to the Twist part on the "Twist and Glue" it is pretty neat, you can do small lines around the edges of things, or put it on in a thick line for larger pieces.

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  1. I LOVE this. I like the use of the ovals under the penguins. I have the long skinny A Muse Ovals and I can't seem to stop using them. Good Stuff, Great Blog.


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