Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cool Stuff and a Quick Review...

Found this cool site on Dale Anne's Blog my creative ramblings, you can make a Library card to say whatever you would like!!! I liked her idea of using it for a To Do List....

And on another note, I posted awhile back about using the Cuttlebug Folders with a rolling pin. I had a 40% off Coupon at JoAnn's today, so I decided to pick one up. I had received some embossed sheets through Wish RAK so I had something to compare it to. My overall feelings on the rolling's cheap, it works with practice and it's still pretty....However, the image is Not is deep or as consistently embossed. You have to use the Edge of the rolling pin and All your weight to press on the pin as you roll it. I lost part of the design both times I tried it, but I lost A Lot less when I used the Edge of the pin all over the folder.

This image is from Wish RAK and was done on the Actual machine.

This image I did with the rolling pin.

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