Friday, May 18, 2007

Clippie Tutorial...

My First Tutorial

Let me preface this tutorial by saying that I did not read the tutorial on SCS and I do not have a good strong glue like E6000. I was in a hurry to make a little something for my Mom and SIL for Mom's Day and tried it out with what I had....

1. brush Decoupage Gel (or Mod Podge) on a coaster

2. Smooth scraps of Patterned Paper on gel

3. Trim the edges (optional)

5. brush Gel on top of paper, allow to dry 10-15 min

6. run coaster thru the Cuttlebug using the 2 middle sizes of flowers

7. You will need, 2 larger flowers, 1 smaller flower, a Large Paper Clip, Glue Dots and a Decorative Brad

8. apply Glue dots to the back of one of the larger flowers, stick the clip on top of the glue dots, then add a few more inside and over the clip to stack them up

9. Line up the other large flower and Squish them together really hard

10. Apply Glue dots to the back of the smaller flower and attach to the front of the clip

11. Cut the posts off brad with heavy duty scissors

12. Apply Glue Dots to the back of brad, stacking them is you need to make it thick enough to touch the brad and the chipboard, apply to center of small flower

14. (optional) sponge a little color around the edges of larger flower



  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2007

    hi, great tutorial, but i was wondering what the gel was that you used, is that a sealer....thanks again. Andrea

  2. Is "squish" a technical term?? :)

    Really cool!!

  3. Glue dots! What a great idea! Thanks.

  4. A GREAT tutorial! I can understand it and I believe I can do it! LOL! Ya done good!

  5. Awesome Rachel! I am going to have to try this!

  6. Fabulous! Now if I only had a Cuttlebug!!!

  7. Great tutorial! Love the papers you used and the butterfly accent!


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