Sunday, June 10, 2007

Did you Miss Me???

:) Well, I missed you all! After a LOOOOOOOONG and exhausting day yesterday I thought I was All done with my work for the weekend, the week...take today some, yeah...NO! Back for the 4th day in a row to my clients house to explain yet Another twist in the World's Twistiest Real Estate Deal...and NOW my weekend is Gone...

I had time today to come home and turn off my crockpot and sprinkler which had both been running for 27 hours straight (I stayed at a friends house last night after drinking a few glasses of wine and staying up till 3 am discussing what the heck to do) then had to turn around and drive Back after only 1 hr 15 min at home....I DID somehow finish up a card that was partially completed and throw one together to stick in a box I am shipping out tomorrow.

I am too tired to do supply lists tonight...but I will add them in the next few days when I get a moment at home.

This one is a try at a new look for me....not Really enthused, but it works

This one is along the same lines as a few others I have been working on, just going a bit more monochromatic. I USED MY NEW RUBBER!!!!


  1. Gotta love new RUBBAH!!!!! So frosh and so clean!!! Love your cards.... Can't wait to play with my Rubbah too!!! Miss ya Rach... Sending good vibes your way...


  2. Love that new set. Hope you can find more stamping and relaxing time soon!

  3. Of course we missed you!

    Grrr on the Real-Estate-O-Roller-Coaster. Sending you good mojo!!!

    Great stuff as usual!!


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