Sunday, October 7, 2007

World Card Making Day...

How fun to have a whole day all for us!!! I was only able to make ONE card though... :( I had Lots of running around to do.

I pulled out my Halloween decorations tonight and I needed One more pumpkin for my Mantle, so, since it is midnight, I headed Straight to the paper stash! :D

ETA: Sorry, it was late and I didn't have the energy to put a description. :)

I cut 6 strips of DP 1 1/2" wide and 12" long (next time I may just do 5,) I stacked them up and punched a hole right in the middle, secured them together with a brad and then fanned them out in a circle, Face Down. I just worked my way around gluing the ends together in the center. Once they were all glued I flipped it over so the side with the brad was the top.

I then punched a piece of Garden Green CS wth my Mega Scallop Circle punch and snipped each scallop about 3/4" towards the center, being careful not to run the cuts together, I played with the strips a little to get them to look just right. For the stem I cut a small strip and wrapped it around a pencil, then secured it to the scallop punch with a brad, then glued that to the pumpkin!


  1. Oh too cute Rach!!!!

  2. I love the pumpkin, I did a similar tutorial too:


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