Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Santa wears pink...

Erika's got Candy!!!!! She hit 10,000 visits today!!! WOO HOO Go Erika!! She wants to know what Your favorite a muse stamp is!!!! How can a person answer that question???? That is like picking your favorite child!!!

OK, if I HAD to answer I would say the Gerber Daisy....or...wait, I use the sm skinny oval most of all...and the newer spiral daisy kicks Butt....UGH, don't make me choose!!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Speaking of a muse, the a muse addicts Yahoo Group has weekly challenges and I FINALLY got a chance to do one!!! This week was to make something to go with a gift...tag, money holder, bag, whatever, with the extra challenge to use a Cuttlebug!

I had these colors out and wanted to use then, then I realized Santa was going to have to wear Pink! :D


  1. Love your pink Santa! Very nice bag!

  2. Super cute!
    Santa's a real man! And real men wear PINK! :)

  3. I'm giggling at Weens post! This is uber cute. Hope you win that alphabet set!!

  4. This is perfect Rachel!! I love this gift bag and that stamp is too cute!! I feel like everywhere I turn, people are using A Muse stamps I don't have!! AAAAhh, that's not good! Here I thought I was set, now people like you have to go and make me buy more!! :D Great job on the challenges!

  5. This is just darling!! I love it!

  6. very cute! santa looks good in pink!


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