Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snowflake Goodie...

I felt a surge of pity, and relief. Pity because, as beautiful as they were, they were outsiders, clearly not accepted. Relief that I wasn’t the only newcomer here, and certainly not the most interesting by any standard.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 1, p.22

I got to go see TWILIGHT Yesterday with Tammi!!! It was so good...WOWZA, the kiss scene...Seriously, total meltdown!!!

I loved the chemistry, and tension in the whole movie...was it as good as the book? Absolutely NO, you MUST read the book, I think they took out too much Cullen stuff and made it TOO Bella, but I guess when a movie has to be 2 hours long there is not much you can do.

I can't wait for the rest to be made...I hope they HURRY UP!!!

I made up a little giftie for Tammi. A quick (LOL, yeah right!) one just to give her a little thank you for the movie and lunch. I decided to cover a chipboard snowflake with Cosmo Cricket Wonderland paper and it took FOREVER! :) Maybe next time I will just paint it! I do love how it looks though! I also added glitter, a glittered snowflake punch and a K&Co snowflake sticker...

Here is a closeup of the tag (Click to enlarge)

Stamps: None
Paper: Wonderland (Cosmo Cricket)
Ink: Close to Cocoa
Misc: Christmas Cheer Snowflake Sticker (K&Co,) Sticky Gems (MAMBI,) Loose Glitter, Stardust Stickles, Chipboard Snowflake, Ribbon (SU)


  1. OMGOSH RACH! This is soooo pretty!!! I LOVVVVEEEE the colors, bling, AAHHH so cute! Love the packaging and pic set up!

  2. awww! What a sweet little gift! I am sure she loved it. I am glad you two enjoyed the movie! :)

  3. AAAHHHH Lynda is really Lindsey! SHEEESH!

  4. Girl, I'm still thinking about that scene. Best kiss in a movie ever. Sigh!!!!!!! I can't wait to watch the movie again. What a cute treat. LOVE the snowflake!

  5. *sigh* that kiss scene is the best!! Glad we got to go see it together, had a great time! And I absolutely love the beautiful candy bag, it's gorgeous! Thank you!

  6. A really cute gift! and I am so glad you liked the movie too!

  7. Oooooh, this looks gorgeous AND delicious and I'm so jealous that you got to see Twilight, with Tammi to boot!!!! I can't wait to see it!! Hugs!

  8. really don't care for candy canes but you sure made me WANT this...LOL! you wrapped it beautifully.

  9. Well, I wish I could have gone to the movie with you guys too!! I agree, not enough of the Cullens in the movie...although what I saw of Jasper and Carlisle was enough. lol. They need some work. I hope 'they' hurry with the next movies too....tapping fingers. lol.

    And what a sweet gift! Love those colors and sparkles!


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