Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stories of Connor: First Day of First Grade...

School started Monday and Connor is now a First Grader...he has grown up So much, I am so proud of him, but it hurts a little to see him so grown up and independent!

So many changes this of his bottom teeth is loose (his first to lose naturally,) he has been spending the night at a friend's house a few times a month and spends hours at their house up the street, I can see his confidence grow every day!

Here are some 1st day shots...

We cut his hair Sunday and he wanted a Faux-Hawk for the first day (LOL)

He looks a littl enervous, don't you think? :)

He needed a swing picture...

LOL, this shot cracks me up "Everyone has a little Cap't in them!"

And off he goes...

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  1. WHAT a big boy! Crazy that he was a newborn when we met. Love the faux hoc thing. Is he still loving it?


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