Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stories of Connor: Random Stuff...

No card today...I am in the midst of a Major Mojo Free period. I just stare at my desk and drool these days. I have 2 special orders I HAVE to get done this week, but I feel like I have to "Live Up" to the level I have created for myself. That these cards should be as great as others these people have purchased in the past. This usually means that I think they need lots of layers and Stuff or they will feel cheated...I know in my head that a clean and simple card will work just as well, that a striking, bold, beautifully created 1 layer card can make a person smile just as much as a 4 oz layer monster...but I just can't sit down and make one!!

On another note, my sweet son, Connor, started 1st Grade Monday, he is at a different school than he was last year for is a 25 min drive to drop him off at Before School Care and then another 20 min into downtown for work, for someone like me that wakes up at the last possible moment and then scurries around creating chaos in my wake and getting where I am going late this is Tough! It is SO worth it though, he is going to an International School that is part of the public school system. He is in their Classical Education Program...he will be learning Latin, Spanish, Music and Art on top of the normal Reading, Writing and Arithmatic. :)

Connor got his long curly locks cut Sunday and requested a Faux-Hawk for the first day...


  1. Hey Rach! Connor looks A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! Sounds like he's getting a great education!

    As for your orders...I am sending you some MOJO!!! You can do it!!! No matter what you make your cards always turn out fabulous!!!

  2. Everything you do is adorable Rachel! Connor's haircut is ROCKIN' and his school sounds like a great place to learn!

  3. What a fun day...1st day of first grade. 1st grade was my all time favorite. Love that pic of Connor! AND are you for real? Did I really win something!! That is too too cool. Thank you sooo much, Rachel! I'll send you my addy asap. :) Thanks again!

  4. RACH! He's soooo CUTE! I hope he's enjoying school...and WOW, you have to take him so far! Your cards always rock, layers or none, I love them both ways! ~hugs

  5. He looks SO cute! I love the short look, although it does make him look older! Is he loving school?


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