Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 2014 In Review

Journaling my months for posterity and possibly a Project Life????

January 2014
  • New Year's Eve party at the Powerhouse with Sean and Angela, followed by a quick stop at a house party to say hello to Josh

  • New Year's Day Shoot at Reid Merrill Park with other photogs and a bunch of models
  • Jan 1: Deep thoughts on Facebook: "People like to use New Year's Day as a "clean slate" or a "new beginning" but in reality every second of every day is a new lifetime, one you have never lived before, so if you are ready to make a change do it. You are the master of your fate. Use every new moment to be who and what you want to be."
  • Jan 1... 600 likes on my Hope Shots Photo Facebook Fan Page
  • Jan 2nd Lunch with Cristian and Erica at Kyoto
  • Jan 5th: Snow Bunny Shoot with Jazmine, Giovanna and Angela (Grimes Creek)

  • Jan 6-10: Mass Appraisal Continuing Education class
  • Jan 9th, Lunch and Shopping with Shelby during class
  • Project 52: Challenge Your{Self} Self Portrait Challenge
  • Jan 19th...RAW Video at Doyle and Donna's

  • Cristian begins No Sugar Challenge and Smoothies
  • Freezing Weather, Fog, Major inversion for weeks...lots of frosty trees in the mornings 
  • Jan 20: Educating the kid: "Cristian played a little LL Cool J, Connor asked who it was, I told him it was an Old School rapper. His response... "Old School rappers are cool, the New School stuff, not so much."
  • Jan 19th: Broncos and Seahawks heading to the Super Bowl!!
  • Jan 20th: Mommy Son Date...Flu Mist Vaccines, Lunch at Pad Thai House and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
  • Jan 21st: Classes begin at CWI
  • Jan 23rd-25th: HAE Attack
  • Jan 29th: Ice Storm overnight

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