Sunday, March 9, 2014

February 2014 In Review

Books I read:

Feb 6th: Cyber Punk Shoot planning meeting at SubSpace
Feb 7th: Snow Day for BSD

Feb 8th: Photo Shoot with Diane 
Feb 9th: Game night with Connor

Feb 11th: Changed my own tire
Feb 12th: New tires on car
Feb 14th: Valentine's Day
  •   Connor's Box
  • Connor's Valentines
Feb 16th: Amazing Sunset

Feb 17th: Found my new favorite chip
Feb 21st another amazing sunset

Feb 21st NEW HAIR!!!

Feb 22nd Photo Shoot with Shelby

Feb 26th Vikings on History Channel (Thanks to Jessica!!)

Feb 28th Trip to Cedaredge, CO to see Grandma for her 90th Birthday! 10.5 hours in a rented Suburban with Mom, Dad, Zach, Connor and Cristian

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