Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014 In Review

Books Read:

  • Aug 2nd ~Dinner at Smashburger, Karaoke at The 44 Club and Sam's Place with Cristian and Leroy
  •  Aug 3rd ~Connor home from camping
                   ~Watched Star Wars Episode III
  • Aug 6th ~Connor bowling with Zach Berg
  • Aug 9th ~Connor's Doctor Who Birthday Party
  • Aug 10th  ~Lucky Peak Reservoir with Erica, JR, Ava & Jaxon
  • Aug 11th-20th ~Connor to Colorado with Mom and Dad to stay with Grandma Evie
  • Aug 12th ~CONNOR'S 11th BIRTHDAY!
  •  Aug 14th ~Made my own Pesto!
  • Aug 15th ~Sushi at Fujiyama with Andrea, Leroy, Hilary, Bill and Amanda
                     ~The Naughties at The Reef
  • Aug 16th ~Lucky Peak with Erica, JR, Ava, Jaxon, Haley and Chris
  •  Aug 18th ~Planning session for Art Show with Unique (Liquid Halloween Party!)
  • Aug 24th ~Mommy son Lunch Date
  • Aug 25th ~First Day of School CWI and Pierce Park Elementary
  • Aug 26th ~Tuesday Toe Day pedicure with Jen and Erica 
  • Aug 27th ~Appraisal Potluck
  • Aug 30th-Sept 1st ~"Camping" in Cascade with Erica, JR, Sara, Brandon, Laurie, Chris, Tiff and kids

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