Saturday, January 3, 2015

December 2014 In Review

  • December 4th-19th ~Secret Santa at work
  •  December 6th ~Jaxon's 2nd Birthday
  •  December 7th ~Kat and Heath Holiday Pics

  •  December 11th ~Connor's Christmas Concert

  • December 12th ~Leroy's Birthday Bash

  • Dec 13th ~Dinner with Brandi & Gus and Jenn's band at The Gathering Place
  •  December 14th-18th ~PAIN!!!!
  • December 20th ~Nutcracker Shoot
  •  December 21st ~Lunch & Family Photos with Andrea
  •  December 25th ~Christmas
  •  December 31st ~New Year's Eve, Jenn's band and hangin w/ Brandi & Gus

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