Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 In Review

  • Jan 1st ~Hang out at Gus and Brandi's

                   ~New Year's Photo Shoot

  • Jan 8th ~Meeting with Photogs for 4 corners planning
  • Jan 10th ~Above the Clouds at Bogus Basin with Connor
                        ~Steelheads Hockey Game

  • Jan 13th ~HAE Swell, Berinert infusion by nurse, seems to work!!!
  • Jan 15th ~Mod Promo Shoot for 4 Corners

  • Jan 17th ~Thrifting with Unique for Marie Antoinette Shoot, Drinks and fun at Unique and Stephen's
  • Jan 19th ~Let Them Eat Cake Marie Antoinette Shoot
  • Jan 21st ~President Obama in Boise

  • Jan 22nd ~Car Broke down

Jan 25th ~Aquarium of Boise with Connor for 13 Adventures

  •  Jan 31st ~Shenanigans for Gus' Birthday

Gas Price Jackpot for month of January!

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