Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 In Review

  • April 1st-3rd ~Connor at M.O.S.S.
  • April 4th ~Potato Pinups Spring Fling Shoot
  • April 4th ~PAIN
  • April 5th ~Easter and Birthday Dinner @ Mom & Dad's
  • April 10th ~Aunt Ruth in town, Mom's birthday, Dinner at Mom's
  • April 11th ~Pool at New Frontier with Erica, JR, Sara & Brandon
  • April 16th ~PAIN
  • April 18th ~Unique Guest Performing at Dapper Doyle And The Revelry Revue show at The Dive

  • April 23rd ~Bike Ride 2.67 mi
  • April 24th ~Bike Ride 2.5 mi
  • April 25th ~Bricknowlogy & Lunch with Connor
  • April 26th ~Cristian's Magazine Promo Shots @ Inked Kitty
  •  April 26th ~Day drinking at Neurolux with Jessica
  •  April 27th ~Bike Ride 3.0 mi
  • April 30th ~Bike Ride 2.7 mi

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