Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lace Crown

 I have had a photo series in my head for months, I want to do a long term project called "Crowning Glory" with a variety of crowns and headpieces. My first installment was shot recently using a Gold Lace Grown I made myself. Here is a quick tutorial on how I made it.


Crocheted cotton lace cut to size of head  (Look for Cluny Lace or Lace Trim, I got this one: Victorian Lace) 
Fabric Stiffener or Starch (I used Aleene's Stiffen Quick) 
Gold or silver metallic paint (Like this: Golden Acrylic Paint)
Posterboard or Card Stock 
Rubber gloves (I added this after I was done, because it would have been a great idea!!!  
Paint brush
Glue Dots or Tacky Glue
  1. Measure the head of the person you are making the crown for
  2. cut lace to size
  3. cut cardstock or posterboard to size and tape ends together to make a round mold for crown
  4.  Wrap lace around mold and secure ends with glue dot or tacky glue
  5. spray liberally with fabric stiffener, I am impatient, so I couldn't wait for multiple layers of fabric stiffener to dry, so I microwaved the crown on the mold for 30 seconds twice after each application.
  6. Once crown is stiff paint with gold or silver paint, allow to dry
  7. pop crown off mold and poke a pin or toothpick through any holes that got clogged with paint
Here is a shot of the crown on the model....

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