Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015 In Review

 Books Read:

  •  Aug 1st ~Tiffany's "Alter Ego" shoot, Donna & Doyle's One Year Anniversary and House Warming Party

  • Aug 2nd ~WOFIB "Love Shack" Shoot at Foothills Mansion
  • Aug 8th ~Boudoir Shoot 
  • Aug 12th ~Connor's 12th Birthday Dinner at Fujiyama with fam

  • Aug 14th ~Celestial Sisters
  • Aug 15th ~Connor's Birthday Sleepover
  • Aug 16th ~Harajuku Shoot
  • Aug 19th ~Connor to Roaring Springs with Cohen
  • Aug 22nd Connor to Fair with Zach Berg
  • Aug 22nd ~Potluck Game Night
  • Aug 23rd ~It's Tribal Shoot
  • Aug 23rd-26th PAIN (IV worked a bit)
  • Aug 25th ~Jet Set Contest Shoot

Aug 26th ~Connor Braces
  • Aug 28th ~Dr Howell's Patient Appreciation Party
  • Aug 29th ~BTS help at Carrie's Mad Max Shoot

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