Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015 In Review

 Books Read:
  • Aug 2nd ~Angus' 14th Birthday, Dinner at Yardhouse
  • Sept 5-7th ~Labor Day in Cascade
  •  Sept 8th ~Connor's First Day in Junior High
  • Sept 12th ~Carrie's 80's Pre-Birthday Party

  • Sept 13th ~Ava and Bree Fairy Shoot
                    ~Gio Paisley Shoot

  • Sept 19th-21st ~Killer Cold from Hell!!!!! UGH
  • Sept 25th ~Flower tattoo behind ear
  • Sept 27th-Oct 1st ~Connor in Yellowstone with Sage Int'l Outdoor Program

  • Sept 27th ~Super Blood Moon Eclipse

  • Sept 30th ~Filming for Ghostumentary Final Scene (Extras) 

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