Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January 2016 In Review

  • Jan 1st ~Happy 2016!!!! Pick up Connor from Zach's, Taco Night
  • Jan 2nd ~Star Wars -The Force Awakens
  • Jan 3rd ~Dinner and Gifts with Zach & Fam
  • Jan 4th ~MRI for Shoulder (Results = Arthritis!!!)
  • Jan 5th ~Cortisone shots for shoulder OUCH! (But it helped)

  • Jan 7th ~Published in Pinup Alternative
  • Jan 9th ~Lazy Day with the dog and the kid.
  • Jan 13th ~Balcony Club Calendar Launch Party
  •  Jan 15th ~Beautiful, Cold, Foggy Day
  • Jan 16th ~Headshots with Krista
  • Jan 16th ~Dirty Pirate Hooker Tattoos with Erica
  •  Jan 18th ~Tried out a new freezer friendly breakfast (Egg Cups) Mmmmmm
  •  Jan 24th ~Studio Fun
  • Jan 29th ~PAIN :(
  •  Jan 30th ~Cap and Bucky shoot downtown with Adam and James

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