Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016 In Review

  • Feb 2nd ~Four Seasons Family Session with Unique
  • Feb 6-9th ~Horrible Cold/Flu :)
  • Feb 10th ~Sushi Lunch for Erica's Birthday
  • Feb 11th-15th ~Connor to Colorado with Mom and Dad

  • Feb 13th ~Coffee at Flying M with Adam
  • Feb 17th-20th ~PAIN
  • Feb 22nd ~Elle King Concert with Cristian, Unique, Skyla
  •  Feb 26th ~Deadpool and Dinner with Krista
  • Feb 27th ~Location scouting at Table Rock with Krista and Connor
  •  Feb 27th ~Hogwarts Party at the Balcony

  • Feb 28th ~Lunch at Chapala with Cristian and Connor, Assist Krista with Joan of Arc shoot

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