Monday, May 2, 2016

April 2016 In Review

  • April 2nd Cohen broke his arm, sat at hospital with him and his mom
  • April 3rd ~Table Rock hike with Connor
  • April 4th-9th ~PAIN
  •  April 6th ~Table Rock Shoot with Jazmine
  • April 8th ~New Mattress from Helix (fingers crossed it is better than Casper!)
  • April 10th ~Lunch at Jalapeno's, MK Nature Center, Ice Cream at Goody's and thrifting with Connor and Cristian
April 16th ~MK Nature Center with Connor and Cohen, Facial, Connor to Patrick's BDay Party, Shopping for NOLA
  • April 17th ~Coffee at Flying M with Adam, Table Rock with Connor and Cristian, Dinner at Mongolian BBQ
  • April 18th-21st ~Connor to Oregon Coast with Mom and Dad
  • April 21st ~Flight to New Orleans (delayed in Vegas, got to rental house at 4:30 am)
April 22nd ~Americana Shoot at abandoned building, Ankle Swell, Welcome Dinner for everyone at the house...Pastalaya!!!
  • April 23rd ~Bank Shoot in Garysville, Dinner and Drive Thru Daiquiris at the house with photogs and models
  • April 24th ~Sunrise Photo Shoot, Beignets from New Orleans, Editing Class, Swamp Walk and Bourbon Street
  • April 25th ~Lafayette 1 Cemetary, French Quarter, Fly home
  • April 27th ~40th Birthday! Lunch at Pat's Thai Kitchen with Erica and Cristian, Pizza Dinner at home

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