Saturday, April 2, 2016

March 2016 In Review

  • March 2nd ~Connor had a meltdown at school and we decided Sage is not for us
  • March 5th ~Coffee at Flying M with Adam and Unique, Fight Night at Erica's
  • March 6th ~Connor sick, watch movies in bed
  • March 12th Hang Art at Perks of Life, Deadpool with Cristian, Dinner at Tavern at Bown Crossing
  • March 13th ~Sushi dinner to celebrate AA from CWI
  • March 16th ~Lunch with Krista and Stephanie at PF Changs
  • March 20th ~Red Dress Project shoot with Unique and Caitlyn
  • March 21st ~Dad collapsed after cutting his arm on new truck, Huge storm
  •  March 22nd ~Democratic Caucus (4 hours in line!)
  •  March 23rd-26th ~PAIN
  • March 27th ~Easter and Birthday Celebration at Mom and Dad's 

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