Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016 In Review

Books Read:
  •  June 4th ~Traveling Dress Gallery
  • June 4th ~BoHo Boudoir with Daisy
  • June 9th ~Started Cinryze IVs every Monday and Thursday, Dinner with Krista at Kona Grill
  • June 11th ~Lunch with Connor
  • June 11th-13th ~Horrible Cold! UGH
  • June 15th ~Red Feather and Balcony with Krista
  • June 16th ~Connor's Last Day at Sage International
  • June 18th-20th ~Cascade trip to clear space for Pop-Up Tent Trailer and RV
  • June 24th-26th ~Cascade Trip (brought Coehn)
  • June 25th ~Rafted Cabarton

  • June 28th ~Dinner at Krista's with Viking Fam

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