Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 In Review

Books Read:

  • July 1st-4th ~Cascade Trip
  • July 2nd ~Fireworks in Cascade
  • July 3rd ~Rafting Cabarton, Jumped off Howard's Plunge Rock
  • July 4th ~Drive Home, Fireworks in the driveway, Cinryze postponed for holiday
  • July 5th ~Swell (Due to med error?)
  • July 9th ~Studio Boise Opening and Gallery w/ Krista
  • July 10th ~Breakfast w/ Cristian, Thrifting, Mongo BBQ lunch and Mani-Pedis w/ the boys

  • July 11th ~Fever, Aches, Chills
  • July 13th ~Connor, Dad and Cristian at Hawks Game

  • July 14th ~Dinner at Fujiyama w/ Mom and Dad for Cristian's BDay
  • July 15th ~Cristian's 41st Birthday
  • July 15th-17th ~Cascade Trip -Rafting, Taco Night, Firewood, Cuttin Down Trees
  • July 18th ~Viking Fam dinner at Krista's
  • July 19th ~Lunch and Shopping with Connor, Hang with Sara
  • July 23rd ~Connor's Cello Recital for Summer Strings

  • July 24th ~Breakfast with Cristian and Connor, then Adventure with Connor at Black's Creek Bird Reserve, Bonneville Point. Connor's first time driving the car

  • July 25th-28th ~Summer School, Continuing Ed for work
  • July 29th-Aug 31st ~PAIN :(

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