Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016 In Review

  • Aug 2nd ~Girl's Night at Krista's with Stef
  • Aug 6th ~Cascade Trip, Rafting
  • Aug 9th ~Viking Family Dinner at Krista's
  • Aug 10th ~ Connor's new cooking song... "Now watch me flip, flip... now watch me saute."
  • Aug 11th 1am ~Drove past Marsing to watch Meteor Shower
  • Aug 12th ~Connor's 13th Birthday

  • Aug 13th ~Connor's Birthday Party at Roaring Springs and Chicago Connection
  • Aug 14th ~Clean Out Garage
  • Aug 15th ~Swell, Berinert worked
  • Aug 18th ~Leave for Forks trip, overnight at Emigrant Springs 
  • Aug 19th ~Drive to Forks, WA for photo retreat
  • Aug 20th-22nd ~Forks WA Retreat
  • Aug 23rd ~Dinner at El Gallo Giro with Connor and Cristian
  • Aug 24th ~Table Rock to help Mandy find shooting spot Dinner at Delsa's with Krista and families
  • Aug 26th-28th ~Cascade Trip, rafting, Connor and Ava practice driving
  • Aug 29th ~Hang with Krista and Stef by the fire pit
  • Aug 30th ~Family Dinner at Krista's
  • Aug 31st ~Meet the Teacher at Village Charter School

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